Collection of wireless and smart tech accessories that make our lives a lot easier. Connect your device via Bluetooth and listen to music or monitor your physical activities with no wires in the way. You may choose between various types and designs:
• Ip68 waterproof fitness trackers with Bluetooth 4.2, daily activity and calorie monitoring, heart and sleep monitoring and call, sms and we chat alerts. In black and purple
• Lightweight, sweat-proof, wireless sports earphones with Bluetooth 4.2 with a selfie button.
Quick Charge Wireless Dual Chargers with LED indicators, Ultra slim Quick Charge wireless chargers, Wireless chargers with RGB led lights.
• Ultra soft, collapsable Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless Stereo Headset.
• Wireless headset with ultra high energy-efficient battery, supported stereo effect for music and a built in HD microphone for calls. Android/iOS supported.
• Portable, Bluetooth 4.2, IPX4 water resistant wireless speakers with a SD/TF Card port or microphone input and pulse light.
• True wireless stereo headset with Bluetooth 4.2 and wireless split design, rechargeable case and up to 150 hours stand by time. Android/iOS supported.
• True wireless stereo headset with Bluetooth 5.0 and automatic out of the case pairing, secure fit, rechargeable case and up to 160 hours stand by time. Android/iOS supported.

Take care of all your charging needs with a selection of chargers, power banks and data cables. Ideal for charging your Android or iOS device at home or on the go. Take care of all your charging needs with a selection of chargers, power banks and USB Type-C or Micro cables that support quick and wireless charging:
• Universal Quad/Duo/Single Travel/Car chargers with Quick Charge
• Universal Holders with Quick Charge Wireless Chargers
• Ultra Slim Quick Charge Dual/Single Wireless Chargers with LED indicators or RGB Led Lamps
• Universal 6000/10000 mAh Power Banks

Wheat straw plastic is a new and innovative bio-plastic that can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum based single-use plastics.
Starting with the cables and chargers made of wheat straw plastic, we are planning to introduce more and more products into our product line, i.e. powerbanks and earphones are coming soon!
We do believe that our new product line, made of wheat straw plastic and wrapped into recycling paper printed with vegetable ink, will contribute in protecting the environment.

We offer a number of different ways to keep your phone secure and free from your hands.
• Universal Car Holders
• Universal Holders with Quick Charge Wireless Chargers
• Selfie-sticks
• Armbands
• Water-proof bags

Discover our great range of covers and cases and protect your device from everyday use. A variety of fabrics and designs follow the newest fashion trends.

MaxMobile brand covers a complete product range of certified and CE approved high-quality products in the fields of mobile equipment and accessories. All products are covered with 2-years’ European warranty, with service contracts and technical support and are keeping attractive prices against the competition. In the past few years MaxMobile has become also the fastest growing member of the MaxFamily – a distinguished line of certified products which are constantly expanding in range and quality while continuously orienting to the market demands and newest technologies.
We can guarantee the fastest possible delivery from our big stock in Croatia, with no minimum order quantity. The direct contacts and contracts with manufacturers allow us to offer also a variety of specific and personalized orders, both in product and in packaging domain.

Being in supply, marketing and production of the mobile equipment and accessories for more than 20 years, we’ve also built up a wide range of pre- and after-sales support possibilities for all our distributors and re-sellers. We believe we could build up strong synergy with a talented and experienced distributor.

Wholesale / Office

Puževa 13, 10020 Zagreb
VAT No.: 99760170734

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Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 8 – 16h

DRADAR d.o.o. was founded in 1994 in Croatia. The company is focused on production and wholesale trade of equipment and accessories for mobile and multimedia devices. With continuing investment in services and assortment for more than 20 years, DRADAR d.o.o. as the founder and the owner of the registerred Max Family brands MaxMobile, MaxLine and MaxPower, has become a highly recognized name in the field of mobile equipment and accessories in Eastern and Southern Europe.